Structures Collection

Since 1964 Gaia has been producing iron structures for the garden.

Experience, research and continuous experimentation allow us to propose the best solution for every outdoor space. Pergolas, gazebos, greenhouses, dehor, pavilions and canopies all handcrafted, also made to measure , to enhance every need, domestic or professional, from the simplest to the most complex and scenographic.


The garden represents the extension of the house, it speaks of us

The structures placed in it must enhance this bond. In a private setting, Gaia designers help to grasp the characterizing aspects of each outdoor helping the owner to maximize their potential, to optimize and often, to invent, the spaces available. professional the wide collection of Gaia structures allows to satisfy any design requirement with a versatility in the design phase and a unique elasticity in the realization phase . By enhancing the context in which they are inserted, Gaia outdoor structures allow each room to grow its business, providing more space for customers that can be used in all seasons.

The hot galvanizing treatment , carried out on all structures by immersion in a molten zinc bath, guarantees durability over time and total absence of maintenance , ideal for also with a view to sustainability and environmental protection .

The colors of metal

Every important work has to be protected against ageing, so Gaia’s creatures are hot-galvanized to be protected for years and years against rust attacks. A light coat of soft uncooked varnish suits the furniture with elegance.


The colors of fabrics