Self-Supporting Pergolas - Gaia Ferro Forgiato

Self-Supporting Pergolas

Classic arch bower cm 500×500×300h art. 260 + art. 260a

Classic arch bower cm 300×900×270h, art. PA01

Classic arch bower cm 525×325×270h, art. 259

Arch bower with a very high resistance to the atmospheric agents: snow up to 70 cm, wind up to 80 Km/h. Perimeter bars functioning also as roof gutters, and the 6 columns functioning also as gutter-pipes. Optimal inside ventilation. Available also on request sizes and on together connected modules

Pergola Cubo
Pergola Duna, tavolo Manuela con piano in lamiera, sedia Manuela
Light shading pergola cm 300×300×250h, art. PO02

Light shading structure, designed to support climbing plants or plant fiber mats. Its slim design can be enriched with floral motifs. Avalaible on request sizes up to 4 meters wide.

Light shading pergola cm 300×300×250h, art. PO01
Arch for climbing plants cm 140×45×240h, art. 250
Self-supporting pergola box cm 300×300×270h, art. PC01

Based on a modern geometric pattern, with manual or automatic sunroof, columns functioning also as gutter-pipes. The sides can be sheltered with sliding shading curtains (whith shelter case) or sliding doors of various types. Avalaible on request sizes.