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Loto Collection

Mughetto table with perforated sheet metal top, Loto chair


Lightness and elegance are the hallmarks of the Loto collection

The collection is inspired in the forms by the style and lightheartedness of the roaring 60s and by the ancient symbolism of the lotus flower.

The Loto collection was born from the need to respond to the need for a product with particular characteristics of elegance, lightness, manageability and adaptability both for use in private homes and in public or business contexts.

Turning this premise into the final product was a long process. It all started with the realization of an initial concept in graphic lines and shapes, found precisely in the lotus flower, whose symbolic value has been recognized by many cultures since ancient times. In Vedic India it represents purity and beauty (the seventh chakra and one of the fundamental positions of yoga practice refer to the lotus), in ancient Egypt rebirth is added to these, in Japan, in particular, the lotus has always expressed the concepts of elegance and simplicity as well as purity and beauty. Developing the prototype concept has fully engaged all departments of the company. The structure made of thin diameter rod has delicate and rounded shapes giving a feeling of lightness without losing strength. The fabrics play with new colors tailored to the concept, simple and of great visual impact.

The result is a collection that comes out of the classic Gaia canons while always maintaining elegance and refinement.

Loto chair, Cuschion

Mughetto table with perforated sheet metal top, Loto chair

Mughetto table with perforated sheet metal top, Loto chair

Loto Living

Loto Chair