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Eco Collection

Table Impero with metal top, chair Carlotta

Economic collection, of vintage inspiration, made in round or square profile.

It was the 1970s, we were called Artigiangaia, it was still drawn by hand and the projects were the result of long work, of a passion that has always remained the same. Eco is a collection that re-proposes in a modern key some of the fortunate intuitions of that period, maintaining all the freshness and innovative spirit that animated an era, which takes its cue from the past, but does not indulge in nostalgia: indeed it is designed to look ahead. , with style and with an eye to the price.

Table with metal top Manuela , chair Manuela

Pergola Duna , table Manuela with metal top, chair Manuela

Sedia Manuela

Pippo round table: removable, diameter cm 72 with plan in staves of pickled phenolic stratified pickled for outdoors.
Diana chair: modern key review of the model of the same in production in the 70/80 years, light and stackable, extremely comfortable.

Table Impero with metal top, chair Carlotta