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2 July 2021
Collezione Loto - Cuscino

The new “Loto” collection

The new Loto collection is inspired in the shapes by the style and lightheartedness of the roaring 60s and by the ancient symbolism of the lotus […]
20 May 2021
Il giardino medievale -

The medieval garden

In the medieval period, the garden reflects the drastic social, cultural, political and economic changes produced by the fall of the Western Roman Empire. These factors […]
17 February 2021
Dehor su misura - Piancastagnaio (SI) Monte Amiata -Angolo del gelato

Dehor for ice cream shop “L’ Angolo del gelato”

The project created for the “L’ Angolo del Gelato” artisan ice cream parlor in Piancastagnaio (SI) on Monte Amiata involves the construction of a tailor-made outdoor […]
17 December 2020
Pergola e arredo esterno per Dimora Santa Margherita

Shading Pergola and Outdoor Furniture for Dimora Santa Margherita

The intervention commissioned by Dimora Santa Margherita involves the construction of a shading pergola and all the outdoor furniture. The location is a Hotel de Charme […]
2 December 2020
Viridarium - Villa di Lidia - Il giardino nell'antica Roma

The Garden in ancient Rome

In ancient Rome, originally and during the first decades of the republic, the term hortus was used to indicate a land, surrounded by walls and annexed […]
14 November 2020
Come scegliere la pergola giusta - Gaia Ferro Forgiato

How to choose the right pergola?

The pergola is a pleasant addition to give an atmosphere full of charm and charm to any garden. However, choosing the right pergola is an important […]
23 October 2020
Il giardino nel mondo greco antico

The garden in ancient Greek

The first evidence of the use of intertwined flowers as crowns to be worn in the Greek world dates back to the 6th century BC. linked […]
14 September 2020
Pergola Autoportante e Tavolo in ferro e travertino

Self-supporting pergola and coordinated custom made travertine table

The availability of a small or large well-arranged outdoor space is important for every home. The benefits are many but the main ones are the possibility […]
13 August 2020
pergola addossata moderna gaia

Modern attached pergola

The modern attached pergola chosen for this project makes extremely clean and essential lines its peculiarity. It combines comfort and eco-friendly liveability in the best possible […]
14 June 2020
Il giardino - Introduzione e storia - Horti Leonini San Quirico d'Orcia

The Garden

Arranging a garden or terrace with plants, flowers, furniture or structures is a common desire today with many and achievable without great difficulty a pact to […]
15 May 2020
Arredare una piccola terrazza - Gaia Ferro Forgiato

Furnish a small terrace

Not all of us have gardens or large outdoor spaces to live in. Often our outdoor areas are medium or small terraces. Despite the limited size, […]
14 April 2020
Box auto in acciaio zincato e alluminio corten - Gaia Ferro Forgiato

Parking Porch in collaboration with Stilmet

The project, carried out in collaboration with Stilmet – Gutters and Flues of Foiano della Chiana, involves the construction of two car boxes in galvanized steel […]
17 February 2018

Wrought iron, tradition and vision

The spread of wrought iron has been historically difficult. The first evidence of the use of iron dates back to 4000 BC. and undoubtedly the Iron […]
10 June 2018

Ecobonus 2018 for sun screens, pergolas and awnings

After the extension for the current year, the Legge di Bilancio approvata per il 2018 provides for the extension also for the next year of the […]
17 September 2018

The classical arch freestanding pergola

A highlight of Gaia is undoubtedly the self-supporting pergola with an arched roof, very resistant and suitable for withstanding heavy accidental loads, such as snow and […]
28 September 2018

The Gaia Canopy

The canopy has the primary function of repairing the entrance to the house, doors and/or windows from atmospheric agents such as rain, wind and sun. Today, […]