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13 November 2018
Giardino d'Inverno Gaia - Serra Solare - Wintergarten

Why choose our winter garden (Wintergarten)

The Winter Garden, also called Solar Greenhouse or Wintergarten is, as one of its names clearly indicates, a greenhouse that allows you to make the most […]
16 October 2018

Tuscany Greenhouse / Winter Garden

The tuscan greenhouse is a classically elegant and functional structure, with the main characteristic of being totally customizable. Gaia provides the standard size 300x250cm but our […]
28 September 2018

The Gaia Canopy

The canopy has the primary function of repairing the entrance to the house, doors and/or windows from atmospheric agents such as rain, wind and sun. Today, […]
17 September 2018

The classical arch freestanding pergola

A highlight of Gaia is undoubtedly the self-supporting pergola with an arched roof, very resistant and suitable for withstanding heavy accidental loads, such as snow and […]