14 May 2018
Pergola addossata Boccon Di Vino a Montalcino - Gaia Ferro Forgiato

Boccon Di Vino in Montalcino

The location of the intervention is the renowned Boccon Di Vino restaurant in Montalcino. After an accurate planning and study phase, Gaia realized the structure entirely in the company. Subsequently after the galvanizing, cleaning and painting, he proceeded to...
8 March 2018
Artigiano di Gaia che esegue la zincatura a caldo - Galvanizing by Gaia Artisan


Hot-dip galvanizing is a surface coating process whose purpose is to protect steel from corrosion by utilizing the properties of zinc. The coating is obtained by immersion in the molten zinc at about 450 ° C and is able to guarantee a double protection: passive type and...
17 February 2018
Storia del ferro battuto - Wrought iron history

Wrought iron, tradition and vision

The spread of wrought iron has historically been difficult. The first evidence of the use of iron dates back to 4000 A.C. and undoubtedly the age of iron constituted a huge step forward for man. In ancient times, Sumerians and Egyptians limited themselves to the manufacture of small objects such as...